WFC Rangers (Whatcom Rangers)

    Play Up Application Form
    Play Up Policy and Procedure


    The Whatcom Rangers believe that players will develop better at their age appropriate level than at an age level above. However, the club recognizes that, although rare, some talented players may exist that are physically and psychologically ready to be considered for the next age level within the club's competitive team structure.

    Stage 1: Playing Up Application Form and DOC Approval

    The athlete and parent/guardian must submit the written Playing-Up application 5 days prior to their true age group tryout for approval.

    The player and parent/guardian must complete the Playing-Up Application Form found on the WFC Rangers website. The form must be complete with all required information, including a written statement for the reasons why the player should be considered for Playing-Up status.

    The letter must be submitted to the Director of Coaching five days prior to the athletes tryout for their true age group.

    The Director of the Coaching (DOC) will make the decision if the player is allowed to try out at the next age group. Information included in the request and input from former and current coaches may be used to make this determination. Players will be notified prior to try-outs. If the request is denied the process ends here. If the request is approved the process continues to the Team Try-out Stage.

    Stage 2: Team Try-outs

    The DOC and the age appropriate coaches will evaluate the player. The player must try out with both the next age level team and the age appropriate team.

    The coaches will observe the player at the try-outs to determine if he/she is among the prospective starters for the next age level team and one of the strongest players of the age appropriate team. If the athlete is not evaluated as a prospective starter on the next age level team and one of the strongest players of the age appropriate team, then the process ends here. If the athlete is evaluated as a prospective starter on the next age level team and one of the strongest players of the age appropriate team, then the process moves on to the Team Impact Stage.

    Stage 3: Team Impact

    If the player has moved to this stage, then he/she has been approved by the DOC and has met the expectations required to play on the next age level team. However, the following considerations must still be met for the player to be invited to play on the next age level team:

    1. The DOC will take into consideration which team placement is best for the player based not only on skill level but by age group coaching level, team league placement, etc.
    2. If by Playing-Up in the next age level the player leaves the age appropriate team without sufficient numbers to field a viable team, the under age player will be invited, and required, to play at their age appropriate level.

    If it is determined that playing at the players true age group is the best fit for the player, team, or club due to the Team Impact criterion, the player will be eligible to club pass with the older team for competitions and trainings when possible.

    WFC Rangers Club's Discretion

    WFC Rangers reserves the right to move players when it will be in the best interest of developing the player and to maintain a team at a particular age group. This discretion is NOT bound by any of the guidelines in the Playing-Up consideration process. The Club reserves the right to build teams based on, but not limited to, the following considerations:

    1. There are some situations where the club will ask a player to play up if it makes the overall numbers for the teams more favorable.
    2. An under age player may be asked to play on the next age level team when it is deemed he/she has clearly demonstrated exceptional play on the age appropriate team the previous season.
    3. A player may be asked to play up or even down when team continuity becomes threatened. The Club will always attempt to field a team at each age group and keep as many kids playing as possible.
    4. In the event there is not a team in a particular age group and a team is formed combining two age groups, the younger players will not be considered "playing up" for that year.
    5. If, after try outs, a team is still not full, the team's coaches may consider younger players for their team ONLY if the age appropriate team is full. These players can only be considered with the approval of the DOC. The following year, all players will be required to try out for their appropriate age group and/or request to try out for the next level age group, following the policy outlined above.