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    Player Registration
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      Player Registration Instruction

      Read instructions carefully before starting to register.

      Note: you must decide on your plan of payment before starting to register.

      Player Registration

      Starting with the 2014-2015 season all players will register online. This process will include all necessary paperwork and agreements as well as payment options. The players' families will pay the Ranger registration fee as well as the player coaching fee to the Ranger organization not the team treasurer.

      • Go to
      • Click on "Member login" at the top of the page.
      • Sign in with Bonzi login (email address and password).
        • This should be same login used for tryout registration and recreational soccer.
        • If you do not remember password contact Charleen Wallace
        • If new to the Ranger Club, choose "create a new Bonzi Account" on the first page and follow prompts to set up a new account. If you have an account with a Rec Club, you may use your same log in and password.
      • Click on "Register Now"
      • Choose "2017 team registration" or "2017 Fall RDP registration"
      • RDP players will complete a 2nd registration for Spring starting
      • November 1, 2017
      • Pick player (families can have same login).
      • Select team (eg B 2004 Gold) from menu.
      • Complete any missing information
      • Select payment option. NOTE: there is a payment fee for use of credit cards. This fee is charged by Bonzi for processing and passed thru to the player. If a payment is made by credit card and no fee attached the club will send a separate bill for the fee.
      • Under player information a section is devoted to the Bellingham Bay Marathon. It will ask for the player and parent's name. This section will be used as the volunteer waiver for the day of the race. Must be acknowledged to continue.
      • After checking "continue to waivers" the program will lead you through multiple agreements.
      • Review and approve:
        • Player and Parent Code of Conduct
        • Financial Policy
        • Club Fundraisers
        • Concussion
        • Cardiac Awareness
        • Select continue registration or you may choose to register another player in the family.
      • After completing paperwork the family is directed to payment options. Players will need to pay Ranger fees and player coaching fees. The Ranger registration fee is $450 for all Premier and Select teams and $500 for RDP, $250 for first season and $250 for second, for the 2017-2018 season. The coaching fee for Premier and Select is variable depending on the experience and training of the coach, there are no coaching fees for RDP. Families will still have the option of paying the total (Ranger registration fee plus player coaching fee) in one payment or divided into 2-6 payments with all fees due by Nov 5. RDP registration must use the one time payment. Player's families can choose from two options.
        • Set up payments by credit card. Automatic payments will be setup within the Bonzi system. There is an additional service fee added to your monthly payments. The fee covers the 3.6% credit card charge and the monthly processing fee of $2.00 from Bonzi.
        • Paying by credit card in full. Bonzi credit card fee will be added to the total due. $35
        • If the credit card fee is not collected the family will be billed from the club for the amount due on registration/stipend charge.
        • Choose the "pay by check option" and the family will mail predated checks to cover the entire amount to the Ranger organization. The address is WFC Rangers, PO Box 1481, Bellingham, WA 98227.
        • Paying by check click "no" to the payment plan even if paying by check in more than one payment. Click "no" eliminations the processing per payment fee associated with the credit card payments.

      Payment dates will vary depending on the option a family selects. If the family chooses to make one payment it is due on the day of registration. If the family selects to spread the payments over several months they can divide the total into 2,3,4,5 or 6 months to be paid on the fifth of each consecutive month starting in July, with all payments due by Nov 5th. For example if a family elects to pay their fees over 4 payments these would be due at the time of registration, July 5, Aug 5, and Sept 5. Checks should be predated as such or if paying by credit card the website will set up automatic payments for these dates.

      • Scholarships If the family plans on applying for the registration scholarship ($450) they are to pick the check option for payment. The scholarship application is available on the Ranger website, home page under documents. The application must be submitted along with income verification by June 30th. No payment is due at registration if the scholarship application is submitted by June 30th. Once scholarships are determined either the registration fee will be awarded or full payment is due. A payment plan may be started at that time.
      • Completing the process:
        • An email will be sent to your email address with a registration attachment. Open and print 2 copies of the registration form for the team manager.
        • As instructed with the registration process, please go to and on the home page, lower right hand corner open and print the following: Player Handbook and Medical Release. The team manager will need 2 copies of each completed form.
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