WFC Rangers (Whatcom Rangers)

      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
      WFC Rangers Golf Tourney
        If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
        Adult Registration Instructions

        All Coaches/Managers/Treasurers need to register online. This will include a background check and when cleared will result in the adult receiving a RMA number. This clearance is mandatory and will be recorded on tournament rosters and used in obtaining player cards. The registration consists of two parts, one through Bonzi and one through Affinity for the Washington Youth Soccer association. Please follow the directions below for both Bonzi and Affinity.


        • Go to
        • Click on "Member login" at the top of the page.
        • Sign in with Bonzi login (email address and password).
          • If you do not remember password contact Charleen Wallace
          • If new, choose "create a new Bonzi Account" on the first page and follow prompts to set up a new account.
        • Click on "Register Now"
        • Choose "2017 team registration Coaches" or 2017/2018 RDP registration-Coaches"
        • If your family is included under the same login information you will now be prompted to select member; choose yourself. Make sure you complete your LEGAL NAME and use the same for all registrations.
        • Select team you are administrator for (eg G 2004 Blue) from menu. If associated with more than one team you may select up to 5 at one time. Each team associated with will need to be selected so player cards may be printed.
        • Complete any missing personal information and answer background questions.
        • Treasurers please select Manager as your team role.
        • Authorize the background check.
        • For the Bellingham Bay Marathon, complete your name in players name and list "n/a" for the parent's names. This will complete the volunteer waiver needed to participate the day of the race.
        • Continue to waivers
        • Review and approve: code of conduct, confidentiality agreement, Affinity instructions and concussion compliance.
        • Confirm registration
        • On the last screen you will be given the option to "return to member account', 'back to online registration" or member log out (yellow box top of page). Choose back to account or log out if finished. Choose back to online registration if you need to register for another team and didn't select the first time thru or need to register for more than 5 teams.
        • An email from Bonzi will be sent stating the teams registered for.


        • Go to
        • Follow the instructions by clicking on the "Registration" tab at the top of the page.
        • If you have had an account previously with Affinity for previous RCL or State Cup play you can use this login. If new select "Create New Account". Remember this login/password as it will be used for State Cup/RCL access.
        • Follow prompts, registering as a coach/administrator.
        • When prompted for "play level" choose "Background check".
        • Complete or review personal information and background questions.
        • When prompted for organization, choose "Whatcom Football Club Rangers".
        • When prompted for association, choose "Whatcom County Youth Soccer"
        • Choose role in club. Eg: Coach, Manager, Treasurer
        • Authorize background check by clicking on 3 "I Accept" boxes on left side. The system will not complete the process without excepting all 3 boxes.
        • There is no payment for volunteers.
        • Once approved the manager and treasurer will receive a "RMA" number. The manager's and coach's number will be listed on tournament rosters.

        Cardiac Awareness Certification

        On July 24, 2015, Senate Bill 5083 - also known as the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Act - became effective. The law mandates that ALL coaches (paid or volunteer) at organizations using school district facilities in the State of Washington are educated in the nature and risk of sudden cardiac arrest prior to the first practice/competition. This education shall include signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest. The new law is an important step in ensuring player safety and mitigating sudden cardiac arrest risk.

        Washington Youth Soccer is taking the following steps to help educate you and other coaches by:

        1. Publishing sudden cardiac arrest resources from Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and the complete law on the Washington Youth Soccer website, including an online pamphlet providing information about sudden cardiac arrest:
        2. Requiring all coaches to complete an online sudden cardiac arrest prevention program and submit to their club/association a certificate showing completion of the program. WIAA is still working on the training program for coaches; in the meantime, WIAA recommends using the National Federation of State High School Associations (NHFS) online training. The training takes approximately 15 minutes and is available for free at

        Once you have completed the online training, you must provide your club with a copy of your completion certificate. Please email your saved copy of your SCAA certificate to the Whatcom FC Rangers Registrar, Charleen Wallace at

        Note: The Whatcom FC Rangers is requiring all coaches and managers to be cardiac complied by July 1st . Please make every effort to complete the course and submit your certificate immediately.